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"Devil Technologies S.r.l." (the owner of the "Aida Sound" brand) is a VAT-Registered Company located in Italy.

VAT Rates for digital products and services including software applications downloaded from our Web-Store are charged as detailed below:

  • • Italy Individual Customer: VAT = 22%
  • • Italy Business Customer (VAT-Registered Customer): VAT = 22%
  • • European Union (EU) Individual Customer: VAT = 22%
  • • European Union (EU) Business Customer (VAT-Registered Customer): VAT = 0%
  • • Non European Union (EU) Individual Customer: VAT = 0%
  • • Non European Union (EU) Business Customer: VAT = 0%

VAT Rates for hardware products which require shipping of physical goods are regulated by international laws. We suggest you to contact the Sales Team.

Please, note that your VAT Identification Number will be verified during the registration procedure. If the warning “This VAT Identification Number does not appear to be valid” will be displayed, you must contact the Sales Team in order to register.

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